Re-Vote in the 78th!


Voters in the 78th Legislative District are re-voting the Representative’s primary on September 16, 2016. A judge found enough ballots cast against election regulations to warrant a new election. This only affects the 78th District race, none of the other races on that ballot. There are numerous stories out describing the situation leading up to this, as well as the candidates.

The 8th Ward Independent Dems. voted to endorse Bruce Franks, Jr. on the August 2nd ballot, and that endorsement continues forward. I’m out canvassing and spreading the word, and am looking forward to celebrating Bruce’s victory on the 16th.

Bruce’s campaign is all about the people. He isn’t afraid to listen to what people need, and then do the work to find solutions. He is endorsed by the Ethical Society of Police, created 28 to Life to help guide young men in the city forward, and is committed to saving lives. I’m excited about what he’ll be able to do in Jefferson City, and I hope you’ll back him, volunteer for him over this next week, and vote on September 16th.

Let me know if I can get you connected to his campaign to volunteer! And here’s a link to donate to his campaign:

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