We did it!

A HUGE thank you to all of the 8th Ward voters who showed up in force on Tuesday! These numbers are amazing! I’m so proud of the army of volunteers and friends that came out yesterday to help, as well as all throughout this race. You are truly incredible. From donations and encouragement at the beginning, to talking to your neighbors for me, walking through the muggy heat to meet people and pass out literature, and standing and saying my name at the polls yesterday. I’m honored and grateful that you’re trusting me to keep listening and keep working for you. And to former 8th Ward Committeewoman Cara Jensen for bringing me in, and believing in me this whole time. I’m excited to get started!

Congratulations also to Paul Fehler, our new 8th Ward Committeeman! I’m excited to get to work with someone whose knowledge of St. Louis is so incredibly thorough, and whose hard work is evident in all that he’s done so far here.

And hats off to Tony Zebrowski for his incredible organizing work and hard fought race here in the 8th, as well as all across the city for Mobilize MO and just getting people excited about participating in their local government. We’ve got work to do, and I’m glad for your skills in getting things done!

And I have much respect for Norah Ryan, who has done so much good, hard work in Tower Grove East and in our ward. Thank you for a good race, and I’m looking forward to working with you within the 8th Ward Dems as well.

And to all of the newcomers on the Central Committee – Madeline Buthod, Torrey Park, Sara Johnson, Wendy Campbell, Bryan Walsh, and Marty Joe Murray Jr., I couldn’t be more thrilled to work alongside you and the other members of the Central Committee. We have a lot to learn from hard working committee people, and I’m pumped to be joining the “oldies,” (that’s for you, Lori Lamprich) too! Let’s get to work!


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