Scenes from the Campaign Trail!

Taking a moment this Sunday evening to take stock of the last few months. It really fills me with gratitude to see all of this and all of these people, and I’m filled with excitement for the future. Vote Tuesday, August 2nd!

12778855_1049030325157456_1553919286141324812_o 13406765_1123596854367469_8238002169843795594_n 13533364_10153784723843196_5277855048888401317_n 20160602_202423 13528218_296628444058632_1741564358932292491_o 13731700_1133680783364971_2835793307158571926_n 13738156_307927952884940_1481911639824459980_o 13662252_10106490616095130_8887214363000487520_o 13886303_1156749834385504_6938052485098400339_n 13900217_10155146164351110_5744376728818246172_n 13876677_1155479091179245_8843145015495639639_n 13782131_10155156322264199_438342285843454685_n 13735692_310636712614064_6868841480152515684_o Cojq4n9VMAALyA4 CoVbHiBWEAEcFkd 12593593_307965722881163_2422881886990963733_o 13490799_1134438493283305_7998471398030348116_o 13726715_10208860364120706_1737953544533107967_n 13775381_10208689143765024_576642599799246568_n

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