From STLMag: … a Doomed St. Louis Neighborhood

People asking questions about whether or not decisions are being made with consideration for all of the members of our community are often labeled as the negative crowd, the people who don’t want progress or change. Critical questions don’t mean we just want to say “no” to everything, but rather we want all of the people being impacted to have a say, or at least have a good explanation as to why something is being done the way it is. Frankly, we just want to be listened to as valuable members of the community, and have our concerns truly taken into account. The NGA might do good things on the north side, but we cannot gloss over the people who are being incredibly negatively impacted by imminent domain.
I thought this quote was indicative of the current atmosphere in our local government:
“Just before I had met with Harris and Hutson on Wednesday, I attended another Board of Aldermen committee hearing. Several younger aldermen and women are trying to reform our government and make the city a better place, yet I witness at hearing after hearing contempt from older colleagues, including snide comments, eye-rolling, and sighs. It makes me wonder if they will be there when the Rendons watch their family home crashing down, toppled by a bulldozer. Or if they will have the courage to look Harris in the eye after her business is destroyed by their decisions. Or what they would say to Harris’ client, five or six months from now, as he sits at home, isolated and deprived not just of small pleasures like listening to symphonies but of the caretakers he had come to befriend and trust.”
Link to Chris Naffziger’s full article:

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