2016 Misogyny

“It’s 2016. A woman is likely to be the Democratic Party nominee for president. And yet here in St. Louis, a woman running for office doesn’t even get a seat at the table when her own future is being discussed. Instead, a top aide to one of the city’s most powerful politicians feeling out what it would take ‘to make that go away’ — ‘that’ being the woman’s bid for a position in the local party power structure — addressed the question to her husband.”
When people ask why we still have gendered positions in the Democratic Central Committee, I explain that just because it’s 2016 doesn’t mean that it’s not still a good old boys club, and misogyny is still a big issue. There are good people in Saint Louis, and plenty of men who will stand up for women and our ability to dictate our own lives, and we have some powerful women too, but there are too many men who act as if we’re unequal. If we didn’t have spots marked just for women, we might be surprised (or not) at how few seats women would truly hold, especially in leadership.
Good civic leadership is serving and empowering your community, including fostering and empowering new leadership, not just holding onto power.

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