Let’s do this.


St. Louis has become world famous recently, but probably not because of any reasons we would have chosen. The NFL teased us and tossed us aside, our region has become synonymous with oppressive policing and high crime rates, and we’re currently trying to figure out which of our elected officials truly represent the people, and which represent only their own interests. There is an assumption that the way we’ve been doing things is enough, that if we just keep going the way we’re going, then we’ll get somewhere we really want to be. But how is that working out? Are we improving? Staying the same? Getting worse?

The 8th Ward is doing well for some of its residents, but there is always more work to be done here, and whatever happens in our larger city and region affect us here too. When any of us suffer, we all suffer. When the families who have lived in their homes for generations can’t afford the upkeep, and tax incentives are only given to new homeowners, the old families end up having to leave, tearing up their family and community roots as they go. The neighborhood schools are disappearing, and educational inequality grows while the community suffers as neighbors aren’t in school together and miss out on growing up together. Big chain coffee gets tax incentives to place a store within a mile of 5 locally-owned small coffee shops and cafés.

St. Louis, and particularly the 8th Ward, is a great place to live, for some. Should we be working to make it an even better place to live for a few, or a great place to live for all? I believe we should be working for all. A Committee Woman exists to 1. Encourage people to become involved in the democratic process through voter registration and organization to get out the vote; 2. Communicate the views and needs of the Ward to the Democratic Central Committee and our elected officials; 3. Stimulate and facilitate discussion of important issues facing the Ward, the City of St. Louis, the state of Missouri, and the nation; 4. Educate Ward residents regarding current ballot initiatives and legislation that will affect them; 5. Serve as a voice for the future of the Missouri Democratic Party in the City of St. Louis.

I am a Shaw resident. I am a millennial, a renter, and I have a law degree with the student debt to prove it. I’m active in my community both professionally and on my own time. I’m a member of South City Solidarity and a supporter of Black Lives Matter. I believe a progressive Democratic Party has the best tools to move us forward into a new era of growth and equality, but I believe that more of us need to be involved in the process for that to happen.

That’s why I’m excited and honored to have filed to run for Democratic Committeewoman for the 8th Ward, and am looking forward to getting to know even more of you, and more about what we can do together in the coming months and years!

I’ll be announcing a campaign kickoff and fundraiser here in the coming weeks, but I’ll be posting here as issues come up that I believe we should be working on and interested in, because there’s a lot of voting to be done this year on lots of important issues for our ward the city, the state, and the country. Make sure you’re registered to vote (ask me if you need assistance with that) and let’s do this!


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